Multi-Aircraft Maintenance "Skyhook" Crane

Part Number: 9720-010
Capacity: 1500 lb
NSN: 3950-01-534-8852
T.O. Number: 35D4-4-59-1

The Model 9720-010 is an air transportable, portable and highly maneuverable, self-contained manually operated utility crane, designed and built under contract FA8518-05-D-0003 for the United States Air Force. The 9720-010 meets or exceeds Department of Defense requirements for use in adverse conditions, with ease of operation, rapid deployment and very low maintenance.

Multi-Aircraft Multi-Task Capabilities
F-22 F-35 Ejection Seat Canopy Windscreen
F-16 F-15 Stabilizer Aileron Gear Box
A-10 F-5 Deceleron LEF PDU Ammo Drum
T-38 H-60 Gun System Nacelle Rotor Blade
UAVs   Fuel Cooler EPU Speed Brake
    Wing/LE Flap APU H-60 Transmsn.
Max Lift Capacity 1500 LB
Max Towing Speed 15 MPH
Towing Turn Radius 17 ft.
Rotation of Load 360°
Winch Two-Speed Spur-Gear Hand Winch
Lift Cable Diameter 5/16 in.
Min Outrigger Clearance Height 8 in.
Max Overall Height 258 in.
Outrigger Footprint 18 ft. x 18 ft.
Net Weight 2200 LB
Casters 4 Spring Loaded w/Brake & Swivel Lock
Footpads Adjustable for Leveling
Air Transportation Certified for C-130, C-130J, C-17, C-5


Operating Mode Boom Height Max. Hook Height Max Hook Reach
Low Position 15.0 ft. 13.5 ft. 10.2 ft.
High Position 21.0 ft. 18.0 ft. 9.0 ft.
Stow Mode Length Width Height
Dimensions 9.0 ft 7.0 ft 8.0 ft
Operating Mode Stow Mode