Multi-Aircraft Maintenance "Skyhook" Crane

Part Number: 9720-010
Capacity: 1500 lb
NSN: 3950-01-534-8852
T.O. Number: 35D4-4-59-1

The Model 9720-010 is an air transportable, portable and highly maneuverable, self-contained manually operated utility crane, designed and built under contract FA8518-05-D-0003 for the United States Air Force. The 9720-010 meets or exceeds Department of Defense requirements for use in adverse conditions, with ease of operation, rapid deployment and very low maintenance.

Multi-Aircraft Multi-Task Capabilities
F-22 F-35 Ejection Seat Canopy Windscreen
F-16 F-15 Stabilizer Aileron Gear Box
A-10 F-5 Deceleron LEF PDU Ammo Drum
T-38 H-60 Gun System Nacelle Rotor Blade
UAVs   Fuel Cooler EPU Speed Brake
    Wing/LE Flap APU H-60 Transmsn.
Max Lift Capacity 1500 LB
Max Towing Speed 15 MPH
Towing Turn Radius 17 ft.
Rotation of Load 360°
Winch Two-Speed Spur-Gear Hand Winch
Lift Cable Diameter 5/16 in.
Min Outrigger Clearance Height 8 in.
Max Overall Height 258 in.
Outrigger Footprint 18 ft. x 18 ft.
Net Weight 2200 LB
Casters 4 Spring Loaded w/Brake & Swivel Lock
Footpads Adjustable for Leveling
Air Transportation Certified for C-130, C-130J, C-17, C-5


Operating ModeBoom HeightMax. Hook HeightMax Hook Reach
Low Position15.0 ft.13.5 ft.10.6 ft.
High Position21.0 ft.18.0 ft.9.0 ft.
Stow ModeLengthWidthHeight
Dimensions9.0 ft7.0 ft8.0 ft
Operating ModeStow Mode