Images of AGE Logistics lifting and hoisting equipment for the aerospace industry.

Aircraft Lifting for Damaged or Disabled Aircraft Recovery (CDDAR)

Multi-Aircraft Maintenance "Skyhook" Crane

AGE Logistics Corporation designs and manufactures lifting and hoisting equipment for the aerospace industry. The company, formerly known as Regent Mfg., Inc., specializes in providing innovative solutions to meet the need for portable and deployable equipment for aircraft maintenance and recovery. We are also the exclusive supplier of AMS Recovery Equipment to U.S. Military customers around the world. Age Logistics is a family-owned, small business enterprise headquartered in Southern California. We maintain a proud tradition — dating back to our founding in 1929 of supplying ground support equipment to the worldwide aviation community. We proudly serve all branches of the U.S. Department of Defense as well as our allies abroad through the FMS Program. In 2006, along with changing our name to AGE Logistics, we organized the business on three specific product lines:

The Model 9720-010 is an air transportable, portable and highly maneuverable, self-contained manually operated utility crane, designed and built for the United States Air Force.

Since 1994, AGE Logistics, together with our UK-based partner — AMS Systems Engineering Ltd — has supplied 15 & 26-ton Pneumatic Lift Bags to the USAF and our allies abroad.

AMS Systems Engineering (Farnham, UK) is the world's leading supplier of equipment for Crash Damaged and Disabled Aircraft Recovery (CDDAR). AMS is a subsidiary of AGE Logistics.